About Us

We first met as freshmen at high school. Since then we have experimented with a few chemistry related businesses together. After school our ways split – Toms studied chemistry, Rihards – physics, but Roberts economics.

Now, we’ve come together again to found something bigger and better using the knowledge we’ve obtained.

Meet the Founders

Roberts Kampe

Roberts holds a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Business from the Stockholm School of Economics in Riga, where he researched tax evasion and the shadow economy for his thesis.

His previous experience includes working as a financial analyst at a financial consulting firm, business analyst and strategic project coordinator in the sustainability sector. Roberts got into entrepreneurship as a way to bring innovative solutions to the market that provide real impact for the planet.

In his free time Roberts is an avid martial arts fan and practices Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

Rihards Ruska

Rihards holds a Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry and a Master’s degree in Physics. His interest in the STEM field and materials science originated in school and has grown in developing new versatile materials.

He has experience in surface coatings, luminescence, and disinfection materials. For Rihards Sprayify is a way to innovate and apply his skills to create goods that can benefit people.

In his spare time, Rihards enjoys practicing various martial arts, playing tennis, and wakeboarding.

Toms Elvijs Šusts

Toms has attained an MSc in chemistry from UL. In his day to day, he works as a radiation physicist at UL Institute of chemical physics.

He also has an active social life, splitting his time between folk dances and various social projects, including an open mathematics olimpiad and student organizations.

Laura Pauniņa

Laura holds a bachelor’s degree in chemistry, but considers graphic design her passion and second major. Her interest in art has been there since childhood and Laura continues to develop it every year. In recent years, Laura has been involved in creating various visual materials and managing social networks, which she also continues to do at Sprayify.

In her free time, Laura likes to visit art museums and various exhibitions, ride a bicycle and take photographs.

Our Vision

Eliminating infectious disease transmission through surfaces by 2030

“Third largest cause of death globally is infectious diseases”

– World Health Organization​