After 1 treatment, Dezosil will protect the surface for 150 uses. Depending on use frequency, public doorknobs, tables and buttons should be retreated once a week, but rarely used surfaces shouldn’t be retreated more than once in a couple months.

We judge the effectiveness of the product based on the scientific literature. In addition, we have conducted biological testing. It showed that our coating reduces alphavirus count on treated surfaces by 99.9% in one hour.

Scientific articles:…

During the treatment process, a thin protective layer is formed on the surface. It is colorless and transparent, but also tends to be a slightly white, matte color (depending on the surface and type of treatment).
As soon as the product has dried, the treatment is complete and the surface is ready for use!

Wood, metal, glass, plastic and other surfaces can be treated with Dezosil. Before use always make sure the surface is not damaged by applying coating to a small area.

Dezosil can withstand temperatures from -50⁰C up to +40⁰C.

With a single bottle (500 ml) you can treat up to 13 square meters of a smooth surface. In other words:

  1. 700 doorknobs
  2. 10 medium size tables

No. Neither water nor ethanol can impact the properties of Dezosil on a treated surface.

Dezosil is sold in 500 ml spray bottles. But if you would like to order in bulk, we recommend you to contact us ([email protected]) and help reduce plastic waste!