CleanosilB Bathroom Cleaner

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Cleanosil B is great for eliminating limestone deposits, rust and soap plaque. It can be used both in the bathroom and kitchen to remove particularly persistent stains. The effective remedy provides deep cleaning and restores shine to surfaces.

CleanosilB Bathroom Cleaner



Product description: The product is suitable for use in the bathroom for cleaning limestone, rust and soap plaque from sinks, bathtubs, varnished tiles, shower cabins, toilet bowls, plumbing, metal appliances, etc. It is also suitable for cleaning persistent stains, such as mold, from various surfaces.

Application: Always before use, make sure that the product does not damage the surface by treating a small area of it. It is recommended to use gloves during the use of the product. Shake before use. After using the agent, ensure that it is cleaned with a damp cloth off the surface.

For limescale and other easy-to-remove stains: Spray Cleanosil B onto the surface and remove stains with a damp cloth.

For mold and other persistent stains: Spray Cleanosil A  onto the surface and let it seep into the stain. After 5 minutes, spray Cleanosil B and clean the surface with a damp cloth.

Storage: Keep in original packaging, dry, cool and well-ventilated place.

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