Cleanosil & GO! Stain Remover

 9.99 inc. VAT

A quick fix for your everyday mishaps. Say bye to accidental stains for good with Cleanosil & GO! – your pocket-sized solution to stains and grime!

Cleanosil & GO! Stain Remover



Application: Cleaner Cleanosil & go! is great for cleaning stains in your daily routine. A stain on your pants, a dirty phone or mirror, Cleanosil & go! will help you remove it! It can be used to remove all types of stains from all types of materials – fabric, glass, etc.

Instructions for use: Spray Cleanosil & go! onto the stain and wipe it with a cloth/napkin. Always before use, make sure that the product does not damage the surface by treating a small area of it.

Storage: Store in its original packaging.

Package contents: 2x microfibre cloths & 2x 10 mL bottles of Cleanosil & GO!


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