Dezosil Disinfection Coating

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Self-disinfection coating for all types of surfaces. Kills both viruses and bacteria. Lasts form 1 week up to 6 months, depending on the intensity of surface use (on often used door handles – ~1 week, on tables – ~2 months, on shelves – ~6 months). Live in constant safety

Dezosil Disinfection Coating

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Dezosil. Disinfectant for surfaces. UFI: J300-V00H-K00K-AKCV. For professional and everyday use.

Application: Dezosil can be used to treat metal, glass, etc. surfaces to protect them from viruses and bacteria. The product is suitable for the treatment of various surfaces that tend to come into contact with food products and drinks – tables, chairs, sinks, shelves, refrigerators, etc.. “Dezosil” is suitable for use on surfaces with which animals come into contact – animal shelters, transport boxes, etc. It is not recommended for the treatment of surfaces that come into direct contact with abrasive food products (dry bread, etc.) or long-term direct contact with various (including hot) food products (eating utensils, bottles, thermoses), nor is it intended for the treatment of such surfaces , which comes into direct contact with animal feed, as well as for the processing of mouth-feeding animal toys.

Instructions for use: Always before use, make sure that the product does not damage the surface by treating a small area of it, especially in the case of plastic surfaces! Apply the agent (50 ml/m ) in a thin layer to the surface with a moisture-absorbing cloth. As soon as the product dries (after ~2 minutes), the treatment is complete and the surface is ready for use! After one treatment, the product will protect surfaces from viruses and bacteria for at least 150 times of use.

Surfaces that are not intended for coming into direct contact with food products or animal feed for disinfection: Handles and buttons in public spaces should be treated at least 2 times a week, while rarely touched/large surfaces (tables) – approximately once a month.

Surfaces intended for coming into contact with animals (animal enclosures, transport boxes): Animal enclosures and transport boxes used daily should be treated once every 1-4 weeks, but rarely used/personal transfer boxes – once every 6 months.

Surfaces that may come into contact with food: Tables in public catering places should be treated once a week, and tables in households – once every 1-2 months. Refrigerators and food shelves should be treated once every 2-4 months.

Storage: Store in the original packaging in a dry, cool, well-ventilated place.

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100 ml, 450 ml, 4 l

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  1. Juris

    Ļoti ētri lietojams, izmantoju darba galda dezinfekcijai! Izsmidzinu, noslauku un neraizējos, nedēļas sākumā atkal atjaunoju.

  2. karins989

    kovids man sacakareja dzivi un jus vel tagad tirgojaties ar saviem lidzekliem. kauns par jums

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