Dezosil For Electronics

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Antimicrobial coating for electronics. Kills both viruses and bacteria. Protects your device from microorganisms for 1 week. Live in constant safety.

Dezosil For Electronics



Dezosil antimicrobial coating for electronics. UFI: J300-V00H-K00K-AKCV. For professional and everyday use.

Application: Smartphones, tablets, etc. can be treated with the electronics antibacterial coating to protect them from bacteria, viruses, etc. microorganisms. The active substances in the coating kill viruses and stop the reproduction of other microorganisms. 

The product is suitable for use on various materials – glass, metal, etc. materials. The product is not suitable for use on laptop keyboards and matte surface laptop screens.

Instructions for use: Always before use, ensure that the product does not damage the surface by treating a small area of it, especially in the case of plastic surfaces! Spray the product on the electronic device (about 3-5 sprays for a smartphone) and spread it evenly with the absorbent cloth over the entire surface of the electronic device. Do not spray the product on the charger, etc. ports, it may affect their functionality. As soon as the product dries (after ~2 minutes), the treatment is complete. 

Devices that are actively being used should be treated once per week, to ensure uninhibited protection as the coating slowly wears off during use.

Storage: Store in the original packaging in a dry, cool, well-ventilated place.

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450 ml, 4 l


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