Fibersil Automotive Anti-Mold Agent

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Anti-mold agent for protection against mold and mildew growth in automobiles. Stops mold and mildew growth, and prevents its penetration into surfaces. Apply to dry, cleaned surfaces and enjoy cleanliness for longer.

Fibersil Automotive Anti-Mold Agent

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Application: This product is suitable for the treatment of soft car surfaces such as seats and carpets. The product protects surfaces from mold and odor formation and spreading.

The product is especially suitable for convertibles whose cabins may be exposed to rain and for other cars in the winter season, when snow gets into the car cabin, which melts and creates moisture, which are favorable conditions for the growth of mold.

The product is suitable for use on surfaces that come into contact with animals. It is not suitable for the treatment of surfaces that come into contact with food products, nor is it intended for the surfaces that come into direct contact with animal food, nor for the treatment of animal mouth toys.

Instructions for use: Spray (50-100 ml/m2) and spread the product on a dry and cleaned surface in a thin layer. As soon as the product dries (after ~5-10 minutes), the treatment is complete. Always before use, make sure that the product does not damage the surface by treating a small area of it! If the mold is already visible on the surface, it is preferable to clean the surface with fabric detergents before treatment with Fibersil.

Storage: Store in the original packaging in a dry, cool, well-ventilated place.

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100 ml, 450 ml, 4 l


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