Cleanosil Cleaning Solutions

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Cleanosil Cleaning Solutions

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Cleanosil makes cleaning easier. It’s simple to use and works quickly, so you won’t have to worry about dirt and stains. With only three small bottles, you can clear out all those shelves and boxes of cleaning stuff you don’t use.

Cleanosil A – cleans oil and fat stains as if they never were a problem. The best agent for use in the kitchen.

Cleanosil B – rapidly removes various limestone, cement and rust stains. The best agent for use in the bathroom.

Cleanosil C – adds shine and cleanliness to your glass furniture and windows. The best agent for use on glass surfaces.

Cleanosil A + Cleanosil B – This potent mixture will allow you to forget about mold and hard-to-remove stains. The best combination for deep cleaning.

Cleanosil A + Cleanosil B + Cleanosil C – This combination will clean almost everything from everywhere. Best for the most difficult of the jobs.

Instructions for use: Shake the bottle and spray the stain/dirt you are trying to remove with Cleanosil solutions. Rub, wipe or wash the surface to remove the stain. Use gloves or wash your hands after use.

Volume of 1 bottle: 450 ml


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A, B, C, A+B, A+B+C


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